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The Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association (TNNPA) was established in 2014 as a non-profit organization. Since January 2014, the TNNPA continue to make strides in growth for increased visibility and credibility of nurse practitioners within the healthcare community, at both the national and state levels of government, and with consumers throughout Tennessee.


Our mission is to promote high standards of healthcare delivery through the empowerment of nurse practitioners and the profession throughout Tennessee State.


Our vision is to promote quality healthcare, advance the knowledge of nurse practitioners through evidence-based practices, and to promote cost-effective healthcare to our communities.


The TNNPA values are: commitment to excellence and serving the public good; respect for the worth and dignity of individuals; organizational and professional accountability; respect for pluralism and diversity of opinion and contribution; mutually beneficial outcomes for members and for society; flexibility in adapting and adjusting to change; and, encouragement of growth, continuous learning and discovery.


Our purposes are to provide representation, communication and advocacy for nurse practitioners in fulfillment of its primary role to: educate all healthcare stakeholders (healthcare professionals, legislators, public policy experts, regulatory agencies and consumers) about the role of nurse practitioners; advocate for affordable, accessible, quality healthcare delivery; promote and facilitate intra-professional communication; provide continuing education for nurse practitioners; and encourage high standards of nurse practitioner educational preparation and practice.

TNNPA Board of Directors



Dr. Irene W. Bean, DNP, FNP-BC, PMHNP, FAANP
Founder/Executive Director

Dr. Thomas Cooper, DNP, FNP-BC
TNNPA Board of Directors

Monica Satterwhite, FNP-BC
TNNPA Board of Directors

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